Scandal Timeline

Welcome to Scandal Timeline

This site contains the most extensive and detailed Wells Fargo account fraud scandal timeline available.

This website came about by chance. We were working on a project and needed a detailed timeline of the Wells Fargo account scandal. Like everyone else interested in this topic, we Googled it. While there were some timelines available, we were surprised to see that the existing timelines were extremely limited in length, depth, and details – especially when you consider how many people were affected in so many ways.

We needed a more comprehensive timeline. So, we started to construct our own. And because we were spread out (partially due to the COVID-19 pandemic), we needed an easy way to access the timeline. Recognizing that others may benefit from the information gathered and the timeline we created, we decided to share it. This website is the result.

The Wells Fargo account scandal is an ever-evolving situation. As new information comes to light, we will continue to research and maintain the Timeline.

We hope that you find our scandal timeline as useful as we do. Thank you!