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If you read our Home page, you know already the how and why this website came to exist.

We just want to add that we did our best to create an accurate and informative Timeline including events related to the Wells Fargo account fraud scandal and the subsequent actions by both the company and its regulators. The timeline does not include every issue that Wells Fargo encountered. We focused our attention on the Wells Fargo account scandal and the various consent orders, court cases, and responses to that scandal. We did our best judgement call to determine what to include and exclude.

While not a historical timeline of Wells Fargo, it does chronicle the Wells Fargo fraud account scandal. And we will continue to add future events related to this scandal. If its relevant, it will be added to the timeline. If you find an error or a glaringly missing event, please Contact Us and we will consider it for the timeline.

We hope that you find this Wells Fargo account scandal timeline as useful as we do. Thank you!